Test Your Motivation Level

How Motivated Are You?

Dreaming of a fulfilled, happy life? Ask yourself this – How motivated are you? How is your level of motivation at work? How are you doing with your uni studies, eating healthy food, or working out?  These following questions may help you figure it out:

1. Are You Learning New Skills?

The more you live in awareness, the more you learn and discover new things about yourself and about the subject you wish to master, the more you feel motivated to keep on going.

2. Are You Focusing on Your Goals?

People are wonderful, and no doubt your family and friends wish you only good things. However, do not expect other people to feel the same way you do about your personal life goals that you are so motivated to achieve.

So let’s say you have a dream to start a home business. If this is your true dream, it is OK to share it with others, but remember not to let people discourage you only because they don’t believe in this dream like you do. After all, this is your dream and no one else’s!

3. Are You Expressing Your Dreams Out Loud?

Staying motivated to lose 5 pounds? Cut sugar off your menu? Be more successful at your job Excellent! Say it to yourself everyday, out loud, in front of the mirror. Express it, feel it like it had already happened!

4. Are You Creating Clear Plans?

Success rarely comes randomly, without planning. So it doesn’t matter whether you wish to lose weight, stay motivated in going to the gym, be more motivated at work or whatever, the first thing you do is – make a plan! The plan will tell you where to go step by step. Sticking to your plan and completing its steps will keep your motivation rocket high!

5. Are You Ready to Make Mistakes?

Another good way to figure out how motivated are you is to test your readiness to make mistakes. Like there is no success without plans, there is no success without making mistakes. So you better be ready for them and embrace them with love and care!

6. Are You Ready to Learn from Them?

Well, that’s pretty obvious. If you don’t learn from your mistakes, you are just bound to repeat them again and again, which will only keep you stuck at the same place rather than grow and be better. Learning from your mistakes is an important part in keeping your motivation up, in whatever you are doing.

7. Are You Ready to Be Successful?

Sounds like a rhetoric question, isn’t it? Well, you would be surprised to know that deep down, most people are more afraid of succeeding and being something great in life, than failing! So if you are trying to figure out how to be motivated, first be sure you are ready to be the best you can be!