How to Stay Motivated at a Job You Don’t Like

There may be several reasons for this; either you are at the wrong profession, either this work is not challenging you enough, or it is none of these and you just need to discover how to challenge yourself wherever you go…

Going everyday to a job you hate sucks. There is no better way to describe it. Because, let’s face it – you spend the majority of your day at your work! This basically means you better find a way to enjoy your time there, at least a little. In short, you must discover how to stay motivated in a job you dislike, the sooner the better.

How to Stay Motivated at a Job You Hate?

First and foremost, remember – everything is temporary and you always have a choice, even if it does not seem that way now. However, if you don’t want to quit your job but rather only interested in knowing how to stay motivated at a job you are not passionate about right now, ask yourself these questions and by tomorrow morning you will probably feel better –

#1 Why am I Doing It?

As always, remembering the meaning behind your actions is the best way to know how stay motivated at a job or any other doing. So ask yourself each morning before work – why do I keep going there? Perhaps it is because it pays well and you need the money at the moment to cover old debts? Perhaps it is the exact experience you need in order to get ahead and before you can apply for a better job?

# What Do I like About My Work? 

Remembering the positive things is sometimes hard to do when you are not motivated to go to work, however it can be rather helpful. And there are usually quite a lot of positive sides to everything! For instance, are there people you like talking to at work? Is lunch time always nice at the office? Are you satisfied with your salary? Are the working hours good for you, family/hobbies wise?

 # How Can I Challenge Myself Today at Work?

Creating small challenges for yourself on a daily basis is super important when trying to figure out how to stay motivated at a job. So prior to entering the office, ask yourself – what is my one challenge for today, that will make me feel proud of myself, and satisfied? Once you will do that and complete your first challenge, you will be motivated to complete more and more on your following days. Careful! It is addictive đŸ™‚

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