How to Stay Motivated in a Relationship

How to Stay Motivated in a Relationship and Loving One Person

No one said it would be easy (exactly like staying motivated playing an instrument, losing weight etc). Even couples that start with the greatest love ever, that have never imagined loving anyone else as long as they live, sometimes question their love for their partner, and search for ways to stay motivated in a relationship.

In order to figure it out, let’s look at old married couples that have managed to pull it off, and try to understand what drives them, what keeps them going and not give up on their spouses even when it gets rough:

#1 Mutual Interests – the key to any successful relationship

Mutual interests, things you do together as a couple, will create the strongest bond between you. This way you will never feel like you have to work for your motivation in a relationship, but rather your partner will become the one you always wish to be around. Shared interests creates intimacy and closeness.

#2 How to Stay Motivated in a Relationship? Do Not Relay on the Kids 

Don’t think that just because you had a few children with your life partner, it will surely keep you together or they are a good enough reason for motivation. Kids are just kids, they don’t deserve this heavy responsibility on their shoulders… If you want to stay motivated in a relationship or in a marriage, build it the right way, care about the foundation of the relationship and don’t depend solely on the fact that you are a family.

#3 Make Your Partner Happy

Wanna be happy in your relationship? Start by thinking of your partner most of all instead of your own needs, and your personal happiness will follow.

#4 Create Memories

Going for adventures together and experiencing new things as a couple is a great way to create memories that will keep the fire burning under your relationship. Take photos and put them in an album so you can take a look at them whenever you are feeling weak or thinking of letting go of your best friend. Shared memories will surely help you stay motivated in a relationship.

#5 Be Romantic

Of course, it is always a good idea to be romantic with your spouse! So go out to a nice restaurant once in a while, surprise your partner with flowers or gifts (they don’t have to be expensive, there are even great gifts under 20$ today) and tell them you love them. Yes, on a daily basis!

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