How to Stay Motivated in Going to the Gym

How to Stay Motivated
in Going to the Gym?

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Going to the gym is a kind of activity that can sometimes feel like a lot of fun, and at the same time –
like a complete nightmare. So how do you deal with those lazy days when you just want to lay on the couch in front of the TV, eat potato chips or just catch up with your sleep after a long day of work?
In other words, how to stay motivated in going to the gym to workout?

Our guess is that you are already aware of the simple habits you can adopt in order to keep a your motivation up in your workout routine; Putting your favorite music while exercising,
buying a nice outfit for the gym, choosing the right exercise that you love the most and feel good about, etc.

But what do you do when all this if just not enough? If you are stuck with your big gym plans,
and each time you go it feels like a true struggle, perhaps keeping these 2 things in mind will help with your overall motivation at the gym:

#1 – Remember the Meaning

Everyone may have a very different reason for going to the gym and exercise.
And It does not matter what it is – whether they want to workout in order to lose weight,
to be healthier or because kids used to bully them as children for being slightly overweight and they just want to “show” them and prove them wrong.

You may be looking for a way to stay motivated in going to the gym because your profession requires you to be fit and strong, or even because you always wanted to know how to protect yourself and not be afraid going out alone at night.

But Although the reason may differ between people, there is always a reason.
And so the secret to how to stay motivated in going to the gym is to remember the reason, and remind yourself why you are doing what you’re doing, what it means to you,
keep thinking about what is expected to come out out of this great effort of going to the gym and imagine how it will make you feel.

#2 – Set Realistic Goals and Define Your Steps

Many times we focus on our final goal, and although it is indeed crucial to know your overall goal and to imagine yourself reaching it at the end of a process,
it can also make you discouraged when the time goes by and you still have not reached your final destination,
and it seems like you are trying to get there forever.

The key to how to stay motivated in going to the gym or almost anything you set your mind to (as in staying motivated in playing an instrument, relationship motivation etc) is to define a goal that is realistic to you, and the small steps you will need to take in order to reach it.
When we break down a huge goal to small steps,
we feel good about ourselves each time we reach them.
And when we set a realistic goal to reach in a realistic time frame,
we do not get discouraged or disappointed with ourselves for not reaching it.


More on How to Stay Motivated
in Going to the Gym

Furthermore, it would be good to:

      • Have a cup of coffee before workout – since coffee is great for having a higher energy, and it also helps in feeling less pain during workouts.
      • Sign up for classes – since being part of a group with a mutual interest is always good for staying motivated in going to the gym, and you will probably feel less comfortable not completing an exercise, which will push you to your limits.
      • Keep track with the help of an exercise journal – looking at it daily and seeing how well you have been working out and how you managed to stay consistent will give you great motivation to carry on and continue going to the gym.

    Good luck in staying fit, and we hope you know more about how to stay motivated in going to the gym now. You can do it!

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