How to Stay Motivated in Life – Your Time is NOT Up!

How to Stay Motivated in Life?

Everyone has at least one big goal in life.
It does not matter if it is waking up in the morning with a smile, have an amazing career or lots of money, going to the gym 3 times a week, losing weight or finishing college.

So how do you stay motivated to reach your goals, when it is so easy to just give up and return to your old, comfortable (usually damaging) habits and beliefs?

Well, if you think that successful, motivated people, the kind that accomplish anything they set their minds to were just born that way, then you must think again.
What differentiate between those who give up and those who get things done is the way of thinking, the way they perceive themselves, and the way they deal with fall downs.
So if you have been wondering how to stay motivated at work life, hang in there! There are answers to discover,

If we break down the way motivated people think and behave, we can easily see that the following 10 “rules” guide them and help keep their motivation high at all times:

#1 – Knowing What They Want

Motivated people keep reminding themselves what they want to achieve in life, and keep defining it so it is perfectly clear to them at all times.
When you are certain about your goals, it is easy to overcome the hardships along the way, step-backs, “failures”or “falls” and

#2 – One Step at a Time

Driven people define the small steps, actions and skills they will need to take or acquire in order to achieve their final goals, before they even begin acting on it.
Then, they think about these steps and focus on them day by day until the entire goal is completed.
This of course makes sense, because when you think of the final result and only focus on the final outcome, it can surely be overwhelming.
And when we are overwhelmed, it is almost impossible to start anything, let alone finish it.

#3 – How to Stay Motivated in Life? Be Aware of Hardships

When we know what to expect, we are less overwhelmed or disappointed, and more willing to keep on moving with our goals.
Motivated people are aware that there are no “easy rides”, and that anything worth fighting for, probably comes with challenges, difficulties and struggles that they will need to overcome sooner or later.

#4 – Don’t Let Anyone Discourage or Distract You

Highly motivated people do not give in to any small distraction that comes there way. They always remember their main goal and do not let background noises to influence them.
This  is greatly useful when trying to understand how to stay motivated in life.

#5 – Choose How You Want to Feel

If you let every emotion that strike you in a given situation to set the tone and control the way you feel, you are bound to fail.
Lucky for us humans, we were given consciousness, which enables us to choose how we want to feel and this should help us tremendously in keep moving on and not break down when we are suddenly experiencing sadness, anger, or desperation.

#6 – Find Meaning in What You Do

It is easy to stay motivated in a career that brings you great satisfaction and joy. Look at middle school teachers that many times make a small income, for instance – knowing they help shape the minds of small children helps them keep doing it for years, even if it means they would have made a whole lot of money doing something else.

#7 – Set Realistic Goals

There is a difference between “thinking big” and setting unrealistic goals. Unrealistic goals will only make you feel disappointed with yourself, and will discourage you from keeping your motivation at high level.
Thus, the answer to the question of how to stay motivated in life, is that motivated people set realistic, small, well – defined goals, and so each time they complete them, they feel proud and satisfied, and eager to move on to the next one.

#8 – Never Stop Learning

High performers understand that in order to be successful in what they strive to accomplish, they must keep learning and enriching themselves with knowledge.
The more we learn and discover new things, the more we will be able to get excited over what we do.

#9 – Never Expecting Other People to Be Aligned with Your Motivation or Passion to Succeed

Many times, when we share our goals or new passions with friends and family, we somehow expect them to feel the same way we feel about them and share our excitement.

Highly motivated people understand that this may not happen and don’t let it influence their path in life.

In fact, it may be smarter at least to at the beginning, to keep your plans to yourselves, just until you are confident enough in what you do.

#10 – Always Push Your Limits

Driven people rarely feel like they are done, but rather keep pushing themselves to be more, to do more, to learn more, and to achieve more.

When there is always a new goal ahead, it is easy to know how to stay motivated in life!

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