How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight and Keep Your Weight

How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

Loosing weight. No doubt, one of the most talked-about subjects in the world, when in its center lies the huge question – how to stay motivated to lose weight, especially when it is a slow process and results are seen rarely rather than daily? Well, apparently for some people, staying motivated in any subject, and not just in losing weight, is rather easy. So how do they do it? How to stay motivated in life, in eating healthy or in college? Here is how.

Temptations – Out, Motivation – In

The most basic rule in how to stay motivated to lose weight says: if you do not want to be tempted, do not put temptations in front of your face! So all the things you cant say “no” to, whether it’s chocolate, pasta or mash potatoes with butter, leave them out of your kitchen. There is enough of these temptations outside, in special events, parties etc, so don’t worry, you will have the chance to have a taste of them again.

Keep looking at yourself in the mirror and getting disappointed that all the hard work is not paying out? It is time to look at something else that will keep you motivated in losing weight! So start hanging photos on the wall, on your desk at work, on the mirrors and especially – on the fridge. Photos of the body you are dreaming of so much, to look at at all hours of the day, and just before you are about to lose your motivation to lose weight and eat an entire pizza by yourself. By the way, this tip may also be useful when trying to figure out how to stay motivated in going to the gym.

How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight? Keep Busy!

Creating distractions is a very important thing to remember when you are obsessing about something all day long. So if you can’t seem to stop thinking about snacks and chips during the day, go for a run. Read a book. Call a friend who is going through the same struggle as you and can relate and help in this kind of situation. Try to think of a new hobby, something you always wanted to do. Remember, this is your time to stay motivated to lose weight and motivated to eat healthy, so don’t give up!

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