How to Stay Motivated Under Pressure

How to Stay Motivated Under Pressure

There are many times in which you might feel pressured in life. When you start a new job, for instance, when you give birth to a new baby with older kids already at home and very little sleep. Pressure also comes when you start college and suddenly the exams are a lot harder than high school, you are far away from home…

Pressure may also come when you are looking to get ahead at work or get a promotion and you feel the urge to prove yourself to your superiors. There are many reasons for pressure throughout life and many different forms to pressure as well, but the most important thing of all is figuring out how to stay motivated under pressure and not get the stress get to you to the point you are too just exhausted to go on. How to stay motivated in life is thus crucial to your long term success.



Tips for High Motivation Under Pressure

# The first thing to remember is that pressure can be a very good thing when you don’t let him break you. So our number one tip would be to always think about how pressure can bring out the best in you instead of the bad stuff.

# Second, it is important to “zoom out” from your situation occasionally so you can look at things in a better prospective. When we are too consumed with all that is happening around us, there is no perspective, only pressure.

# Third, don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it. Everybody goes through pressured times at some point, and it is perfectly fine asking for help!

# Our forth tip on how to to stay motivated under pressure is – remember the WHY you are doing it question, and this is also important to remember when thinking of how to stay motivated to lose weight, in going to the gym, eating healthy, getting your degree, playing an instrument etc. When you keep the main and final goal your focus at all times, it is easy to stay motivated even at the hardest times of all.

# Finally, remember – if pressure becomes overbearing, you can always take a short break. You’d be surprised just how much a break can change your whole experience and get  you some air to go on.


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