Staying Motivated in Eating Healthy – Can You Do It?

Staying Motivated in Eating Healthy – Is This Shit for You?!

Just to be clear – I am not talking about becoming a vegan or a fruitarian or anything extreme of that sort… For now, let me assume you just want to get rid of that eating-junk-food-itch that is bugging you through your day. Let’s talk about starting to say “no” when offered yet another piece of that chocolate pie you love so much. Sounds fair? Well, then I already know you can do it. Cause if I did it, there is no reason why you can’t discover how to master the same habits, thoughts and skills that I  have discovered. Ready? Let’s go.

My Top 3 Tips for Staying Motivated in Eating Healthy

#1 – It’s OK to Say NO

Many times you may think that saying “no” to your hosts when offered some more desert is rude, or impolite. But you must understand that this is crucial to your new habits of staying motivated in eating healthy. And don’t feel embarrassed to say: ” Thank you, it looks delicious, but I am trying to stay motivated to eat healthy these days”. You will be amazed how people start to admire you when you share your efforts to become a better person, a person with self discipline and motivation. Moreover, people tend to identify with people who share their weaknesses or flaws. So this may actually bring you even closer to other people, cause let’s face it – no one is perfect!

#2 – No Temptations in the House

Staying motivated in eating healthy is hard enough when you go outside. You don’e need any unhealthy temptations inside your refrigerator as well! Keep your fridge loaded with yummy healthy snacks, and always carry some of them in your bag when you go outside so you don’t get to the point of starving. It is almost impossible to say no when you are starving….

#3 – Cook!

You don’t need to be Martha Stewart in order to stay motivated in eating healthy or staying motivated in life. Just find yourself some easy recipes of healthy dishes and plan your week with a cooking schedule. Only thing you need to do is decide that this is going to be a new skill that you have to master in order to eat healthier food. You don’t even need a cooking guide these days, just google!

Oh, and one other thing… Discovering how to stay motivated in going to the gym may help you a lot with your efforts to become a healthier and happier human being!

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